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The brown eye, the meaty doughnut, the dooter, the pooter
"Dang that cat is licking its fruitloop, sick cat he is."
by Ranty June 06, 2005
18 36
The thing my science teacher calls us all when we are being dumb-asses, too bad for her she doesn't know what it means, and we do. She could get fired. She stills calls us "you fruit," "fruit loop," and so on.

A gay or homosexual.

That unidentifiably strange loop on the back of dress shirts that serves no known purpose.

A nerd who laughs at their own corny, stupid jokes when no one else will.
M.S.: I'm not gay!
B.C.: Who said you were? Heh heh, God I'm so fucking funny.
McM.: Stop it right now you fruit loops! If you two don't cease this unexcusable behavior right this instant, I will have to report you for fruit-ish behavior.
S.W.: Yeah, cut it out yo fruit.
M.S.: I'm not GAY!!!
by |<|<|< January 01, 2006
6 28
somone/something that is way, rude, mean, stupid, and boring...(also means someone that is not social)
"I hate that girl, she's so fruit loops"
by shoobi March 06, 2004
9 31
a fag; someone who is so retarded they become the vacant hole of a fruit loop; also see ass clown.
get your hands off of my boyfriend you fruit loop.
by neo October 11, 2003
5 28
same as being a lucky charms
brah...your being a fruit loops
by FREEK January 06, 2005
4 28
Watches Lion Porn and masturbates to it. Is a bad dancer, is creepy and short, and has black-heads in his ears. Also has a sist on his dick.
Good bye you FRUIT LOOP.
by Tabitha Peterson November 05, 2004
17 42
a code word for having sex
man.. me and my boy had fruit loops for dinner last night.. and dessert
by amanda June 01, 2004
8 33