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A goofy,corny person who laughs at thier own jokes. They are usually very concieded and think they are the greatest thing to walk the earth.
" What a fuckin fruit loop!!"

" Just ignore that fruit loop."
by faeri March 03, 2004
22 30
Someone who is fruity, and is not straight. I know because I practically made up the definition of that word.
Psssst Betsy, doesn't that new guy look like a fruit loop?! Jannie, how do you see him as a piece of cereal? NOOOOO STUPID, not cereal a gay!
by alex zander August 06, 2007
5 14
A ring of gay men sucking each other off.
Look at that fuckin fruit loop! It just makes me wanna kick all their asses!
by heterostraiteral November 05, 2006
9 18
Keo, fag, homo, gay, lover of jup
that gay guy is such a fruit loop
by jup September 17, 2007
1 11
crazy people. you know, the ones that stand on street corners wearing foil round their heads jabbering on that the government is intercepting their thoughts.
'thats the third time today that someone has thrown a cat at me. are the fruit loops on day release fromn the funny farm or something?'
by stephizzal September 14, 2005
7 17
fruit loops rock. the best things ever.
Alex almokhamad is a fruit loop
by we the best fruit loops January 16, 2008
0 11
James lol hahaha he often has a little dick
james t is a fruit loop!! PLAIN AND SIMPLE
by beezy baby October 31, 2007
4 15