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A U-turn sorta sercle thing in my city were all the male hooker are.
But I don't wanna go past the fruit loop.
by isla September 02, 2004
9 15
noun A wholly vacant person. See also fuckwit
She's lost the plot, a total fruit loop
by Gazza February 06, 2003
44 43
the act of inserting small beats of fruit into the anus of somebody and sucking them out right after.
"dude my girlfriend came past last night and i gave her a fruit loop

anus fruit
by CaptainObvious March 06, 2012
9 10
To walk around a gay bar looking for one of your friends there.
Do you know where Larry is?
No, let's do a fruit loop to see if he's here.
by dventure September 02, 2006
19 20
A loop of cloth sewn onto the upper center of a man's shirt by the manufacturer. Often found on dress shirts, and sometimes on preppie alligator-emblazoned shirts. Purpose of this loop of cloth has never been determined.
You see how Bubba ripped the fruit loop right offen Edwin's shirt-back?
by M. Robinson July 13, 2004
38 39
I've always used fruit loop to describe someone who was a bit dippy or loopy, in the mad, scatter-brained sense.
I can't believe you just said that, you fruit loop!
by Em1710 August 03, 2006
47 51
a delicious fruit flavored blunt packed with some exceptionally fruity bud
"yo man can i hit that fruit loop?"
by cougarkiller December 08, 2009
6 11
Slang for the prominantely gay area of DC known as Dupont Circle. Technically,the center of the neighborhood is a traffic circle and the majority of residents are gays - a.k.a. fruits hence the title "fruit loop."
"Dude, I wanna go to Lulus Mardi Gras, but I dont know where it is."

"Oh thats easy, its in the Fruit Loop, so just take the metro red line to Dupont Circle."

"Awesome. I hope I meet some hot twinks there."
by fyrecracker December 29, 2004
81 86