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someone who is sightly gay, whilst also being slightly retarded.
Fruit-Loop is:
loop the fruit.
everyone I know is a fruit loop.
loop the fruit.
The land befoe time is a fruitloop of a movie.
by Ghettonomus August 03, 2008
{bhal-ZZZ} New hip fangled slang on the streets usualy containing the prefix Ma.
used to describe a situation of dissapointment, som nub or a burnt monkeys face.
B-DUP: one morning when i was touching mabal'z, i went to google images and searched ugly dog, and it was like totaly bal'z.
LeaveBritanyAlone: DERRRDALEERRR cry, cry, cry i LOVE bal'z

by Ghettonomus January 27, 2008
A person whom was once loyal to the crew/gang, but had ditched them emotonaly or pysacaly', to gain possable money,respect or popularity.
A "Busta" may also abandon his/her values/beliefs to get achieve their goals.
B-Dup: yo' maul' fukka, we be riding into dem' bitches dance crew tonite.
Cracka: nauh' man. Dat'punk bitch jamall gonna go "ON MSN".
B-Dup: Straight Busta.
by Ghettonomus May 27, 2008
To look at another players screen when comencing in gameplay, to benifit the cheating dink.
Most commonly used by men with small penis.
Side effects my include: increased hair groth on penis, facial deformity and loss of penis and/or penise(s).
screenjacking is contageous and will spread quicly through your enviroment, if you come across a screenjacker IMEDIATLY close your eyes and masturbate for the best.
An Example is below.
B-Dup: real swell man, i go an energy sword.
Screenjackest4life: i no, im gay.
B-Dup: FUKEN Screen jack to the max
Screenjackest4life: ill screen, then possably jack ur mom.
B-Dup: not if i do first, lil' bitch.
by Ghettonomus January 07, 2008
Boo-sh'ck-a. Cree for "Enraged ugly man"
An eneraged beast formed from a native tribe often found in the depths of ganandorf. The natives would taunt the gods with the mentaly retarded villager, via the name "Bushka".
B-dup: Holy man your so gay.
John 117: Dont make fun of my imaganiry girlfriend Cory... Grrrr... (beats b-dup with a plastic stick).
B-dup: Holy shit the man is becoming a "Bushka".
by Ghettonomus January 29, 2008
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