fruggle: whatever you want it to mean.
it is especially funny when you make fun of somebody for fruggling or for not fruggling and they don't know what the fuck you're talking about and they get all pissed
made up by the real MC and G-2-the-off
ya, well you're just a fruggler!!
by John February 04, 2005
Top Definition
A snuggling situation in which the participants are platonic friends.

Often occurs when watching movies or in states of sleepiness.
Bro, I'm so tired. Let's fruggle.
by MissContrarian April 24, 2014
cali lders use the word struggle to describe our oh_so_struggling life

however life is also frustrating

thus the unification of the word frustrating with struggle to produce=FRUGGLE

(others have produced a similar but more weaksauce version=fucking+struggle=fuggle however it doesn't have the same umph to it)
life is such a beautiful fruggle
by jkwan January 10, 2005
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