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1) Penguin+lemur
2) Sonya
3) A white and black lemur
4) Sometimes can be used as synonomous with penis/cock
5) A white and black penis
(n) PENUR!
(v) This shit got penured!
by jkwan January 10, 2005
cali lders use the word struggle to describe our oh_so_struggling life

however life is also frustrating

thus the unification of the word frustrating with struggle to produce=FRUGGLE

(others have produced a similar but more weaksauce version=fucking+struggle=fuggle however it doesn't have the same umph to it)
life is such a beautiful fruggle
by jkwan January 10, 2005
Facebook is this really dumb online FAD that's starting to spread into the high school clique. It's sorta like the new myspace where the RANDOMEST people ask to be your friend. These people are people who you have no clue who they are OR they are people you only met like once or twice. It's like this REALLY BIG ego game where people try to amass the most amount of friends that they can have. Whoever has the most friends WINS! But what do they win? They win the title of BIGGEST ONLINE COMFORMIST IDIOT EVER!!! WOOT! GJ you DUMBASS! Anyways, because facebook is such an idiotic thingamabob, now if random people add you to their facebook, that means you have just been FACEBOOKED! It's like you just got smacked in the FACE. Except you got booked in your FACE! So now, facebook is like this term that means OWNED or BURNED or PWNED or FUCT!
You just been FACEBOOKED BIATCH!! Wut you gon do?? You WANT some of this?? Huh?? Well I just FACEBOOKED YOU MOTHER FUCKER!!
by jkwan September 25, 2005

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