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(n.): a man. Specifically, a man close to one of your female friends. The female claims that this man is "just a friend," and is "like a brother." However, to both you and outside friends, the man looks, feels, and sounds like a boyfriend. Unfortunately, referring to him as her boyfriend (or even innocently asking about boyfriend status) can trigger alarming fits of rage. Derived from friend, boyfriend, and brother.
Ex. 1)
Female Friend: I'm in a bad mood because I'm having an argument with Chandler.

Outside Friend: Oh, is he your boyfriend?

(Female Friend starts foaming at the mouth.)

You: No, it's just her froyther.

Ex. 2)
Female Friend: Chandler spent the night in my bed last night.

Outside Friend: Have you finally come to terms with the fact that he's your boyfriend?!

Female Friend: (turns into Hulk) HE'S JUST MY BEST FRIEND!!

You: Relax! We all know he's your froyther.
by I'mLeavin May 05, 2009
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