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similar to a pearl necklace but limited to the face/head; also known as a facial but not as derogative and also encompasses ones face and hair.
He was pretty randy, a few minutes of humming and bam I had a frosted cupcake.
by Gummer Stumps August 23, 2010
frosted cupcake (n): the act of farting into ones hand then immediatly slapping someone in the face with said hand.
"Jesus Christ you need a Frosted Cupcake so goddamned badly it hurts..."
by Matt Fortune November 11, 2006
A frosted cupcake is the act of farting on your hand and slapping someone in the face and then quickly following up with a dirty sanchez.
hey you guys want a frosted cupcake.

ewww dude thats nasty *vomiting*
by Toby Kearney September 10, 2006
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