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Main Entry: froo·ty
Pronunciation: 'frü-tE
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): low hanging gut as in: front booty
1 : A large person with a shocking gut that prodtrudes from below the waist line.
Check out that frooty, man! It's like she took all that jelly from the back and swiveled to the front!
by ZoeZo March 22, 2007
13 3
Homosexual (see froot)
You frooty bitch! You bitchy fag!
by Moo M. Oo March 29, 2005
17 10
Of or referring to a froot, or an object or vehicle that's cheapy or not in top quality.
Your sound system is all frooty.
by Anthony Coon October 03, 2003
3 7
Umm dammit look how gay that looks sir
by Leah May 28, 2003
3 10