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to call someone out or put them in an embaressing position.
Joe put John on "front street" by asking him if he was gay in front of his new boss.
by Brad December 14, 2004
To put somebody on blast, to tell all of someone's business,
I will put you on front street if you don't tell your girl you're sleeping with me.
by ChiAli February 24, 2005
To put someone "out on Front Street" is to reveal something about them despite their desire to keep it secret.

"Front Street" may be a reference to to historic street in Dodge City, Kansas, home to many famous gunfighters and outlaws (tragically, all of the historic Front Street buildings were intentionally demolished in 1970).
The case was made and the police had to put the informant out on Front Street.
by heliosares July 02, 2007
Someone who is perpetually fronting is said to be living on Front Street.

"That kid thinks he's a bawler, but the only place he can do it big is on Front Street"
by MarianaBanana November 17, 2007

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