to talk about important topics via email; to be self-indulgent about one's own feelings and write about them ad nauseum
Don't be such a frontbutt and email that guy. Why don't you just pick up the phone and call him?
by citydish November 11, 2005
(Noun) A belly that is so large that it hangs low and has an apparent vertical crease resembling that of a buttocks.
"That guy is so fat he has a front-butt and he looks like a plumber walking backwards"
by Taross January 07, 2007
Slang for vagina.
She is such a whore, she must have a gaping front butt.
by Thunis Hayley July 08, 2011
When entering water an air pocket forms in the front of male swim trunks forming a "FRONT BUTT"
Hey Keith go under or that FRONT BUTT is gonna punch you in the mouth...
by PET DESTROYER September 30, 2011
a vagina
the front-butt has a similar usage as a front-door on a house;<at first,most folks prefer the front-butt,later on
though,rear-entries can be just as common>.
by mynodues77 August 25, 2010

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