Front bottom is a slang word which references the similarity of appearance which exists between a female's external genitalia and buttocks
Front bottom is a nicely disguised word when you are talking about a woman's anatomy
by leopardprintpanties_dejavu June 27, 2009
Top Definition
its what girls have in addition to their back bottom and sometimes wee comes out of it and sometimes vagina fluid comes out of it and sometimes babies come out of it and if a boy loves her then sometimes he will put his willy inside her front bottom and 9 months later she might have a baby come out of it and sometimes people like to touch their front bottom and put their fingers inside it and tickle it and sometimes other people will put their fingers inside or lick it
i have a front bottom and my boyfriend is here too and he decided to put his willy inside it and his willy is still inside my front bottom now and its great
by vaginal fluid November 11, 2006
A euphemism for female genitalia. Sometimes preceded by 'furry' - see also vagina,vaj,minge,cunt,twat,pussy,punani,poonani, and flange.
My furry front bottom is hurting, doctor.
by Dan Fox August 05, 2003
A penis.
"Ey MaTe! LoOok aT mE fRoNt bOtTom!" - Some ho from the the UK
by The Hood Dwella February 19, 2008
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