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5 definitions by Jerf

best fucking town in the world. there is exactly 1 post office, 1 resturaunt, 1 church and about 3 neighborhoods. no gas stations, or police depts. best city ever.
I wonder what the best city ever is..
by JERF April 14, 2005
code for a girl bending over showing her lower back tattoo
"hey chuck check out that Minneapolis Skyline over there."
by jerf August 04, 2013
Scooty was hawella froggin' after we ate mad shroomery
by Jerf June 15, 2003
All Fucked up
That bitch is hella mainty, lets Brown him.
by Jerf June 15, 2003
The nickname of Scott Allen Allen, who works at Sbux and is about Yay high high and has curly dark brown hair. He's a badass muthafuck. True
Scooty does not perform with legendary service at Sbux, but still, he a mUthafuck. Yeah
by Jerf November 28, 2004