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An extremely powerful offensive maneuver only used by the hardest of core. A special punch delivered by extending the second knuckle of the middle finger outward to a point, while clenching the fist. Aim for the throat for devastating results the likes of which your opponent, punk-assed bitch that he/she is, shall never forget.
Don't fuck with me, Victoria, or I'll frog punch your titts.
by renode September 24, 2007
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a frog punch differs from a regular punch in that the second knuckle of the middle finger is extended. A common threat of the frog punch is said by stating "knuckle out".
Jason: I bet I can dodge anything you throw at me
Kim: Knuckle Out!
Jason: Not the Frog Punch!!!!
by MeanAssPenguin September 16, 2007
A punch with a closed fist and one knuckle sticking up.
"I got a frog punch in the leg, ow"
by TheOnlyMikeZ April 16, 2010

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