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A man who likes good semen, Aviation Ordenanceman with a taste for semen.
that fritz likes all the flavors and colors!!!
by AE1 DADDY October 04, 2012
7 13
one dope ass person,with dope hair,doesn't do drugs,life of the party....she does not love these thotties
fritz look at that thot
by yolocuh February 01, 2014
6 1
a term given to a man whom his girlfriend finds Wonderful, amazing, Perfect, gentlemanly, and funny. This is because there is a guy like this, and he sets an example for all other men.
Girl 1: Hey, do you know that guy over there? *points*
Girl 2: Huh? Oh! Yeah, I sit behind him in a class. He's so Fritz!
by Emblem Hearts May 21, 2011
30 25
to uncontrollably argue when you know you are wrong and have no supporting evidence to back up your claim
Listen, I dont want to fritz with you right now!
by theknobgoblin July 16, 2014
0 0
Hanging around uninvited for a prolonged period of time.
Dude quit fritzing around!!
by Rey 2 October 30, 2011
20 20
A shit-breathed moron, with receding gums. A foul stench like a homeless man's balls in August.
It was a beautiful day on the field, until I caught wind of Fritz's sewer-mouth.
by Timmy Florio March 26, 2014
0 2
to subvert justice; to fix something so others won't know about it; to extend a criminal or civil legal matter and pretend someone is actually going to be punished; to get out of a crime
A drug dealer is discussing his case with his lawyer. His lawyer finally asks him "how much are you willing to spend to fritz this?"

A wealthy, prominent member of the community has been arrested for DWI. Before his trial begins, his lawyer approaches a member of the State's Attorney's office and asks "how much donation money is required to fritz his?

"An attractive speeder has been pulled over by a law enforcement officer. As he's approaching the car, she unbuttons her blouse to show an excessive amount of cleavage. She then turns to the officer and asks him "what is it going to take to fritz this?"

A child's mother buys him an expensive bicycle, which he carelessly leaves in a playmate's driveway. The front wheel is accidently ran over and crushed by the friends teenage brother. The boy hides the bike in his garage until his Father returns home, he then asks his Dad "can you fritz this so Mom won't know about it?"
by Clemus October 03, 2010
2 9