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The action of stealing from a trusting friend or family member without remorse.
1. Who's the loser that keeps frishing my lunch at work?

2. My roommate frished my iPad and pawned it!
by Bravo_3 October 12, 2011

1. A stupid person

2. The smell that comes from a wet vagina.

1. OMG! You're such a frish sometimes!

2. Ewww, who is cooking up some frish?
by Frish Face ;) November 03, 2009
fresh fish
come to our restaurant, check out the FRISH
by Dinny Bdaft April 04, 2012
The mixture of fish and frogs.
Wow, that yellow frish looks good.
by YellowThing October 06, 2006
A name given to a man who is awkward, Jewish, and an evil genius. Often scratches himself in public, and is often found plotting world domination/domination of females (in the bedroom)
Wow, look at that frish over there. What a douche.
by John Waymond August 11, 2010
A nonsensical word best employed when speaking with drunks, potheads and idiots.
You gonna frish before you frish to the house?
by Frish July 28, 2003