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Internet term. Verb. To invalidate your position in an online debate by making thinly veiled threats against the life or sexual dignity of your opponent's spouse or child.
A classic frisching: "If some nutcase kidnapped your child tomorrow and did to him what was done to your fellow Coloradan, Jon-Benet Ramsey, I wouldn’t give a damn."
by Michael Andreyakovich July 07, 2006
1.)a fat whore of epic proportions. This word can also be used sarcastically in place of the word "hot". This term started in Altura.
"Dude, I can't believe that Eric fucked Frisch"
"Dude it's fucking Frisch out here"
by Derrick Fereal October 03, 2007
The act of being a serial troll and attention whore on blogs that disagree with your (distorted) world view, resulting in you posting obscene threats directed at the family of the blog owner. Usually followed by an unplanned career change for the frischer.
The troll was sort of amusing until she pulled a thing she knew, her teaching job was history and she was cleaning out the deep fryer at Mickey D's.
by Fred Thompson July 28, 2006
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