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The offspring of a pig and a frog... basically the child of Kermit and Miss Piggy.

Also known as a 'frig' or a 'pog'.

The friglet is a delicacy amongst the French (even though they'll basically eat anything) yet is hard to catch: although it's grunts can be heard for miles, the little critter can jump 27 feet at a time, therefore anyone who's ever caught one is often referred to as being 'a lucky frigger'.
"Kermie... I want for us to settle down and have friglets"

"Oh but Piggy... we've gotten low ceilings... surely they'll hurt themselves?"

"Hmm... you're right... forget it... let's just have a zany adventure featuring some famous folks instead!"

From 'Muppet & Muppettability' by Austin Jayne.
by Neil Baxter October 08, 2005
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