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UK IT speak for changing the contents of a computer file, not using the proper software but editing it direct, usually for fixing corruption in the data
The account payable does not balance

Well try frigging the transaction file, then.
by Kenh October 02, 2007
34 89
The art of performing a clitoral stimulation. cf frig
Lisa was frigging herself in the library again today.
by Mercunium August 16, 2003
467 135
A lazy or otherwise cleaner alternative to F*cking, Freaking, etc.

Tip: Say this word as an alternative to F*cking when in the presence of your mother/respected person/etc. to save yourself from getting bitchslapped.
Holy Christ it's Frigging hot as sin in here.
by Project December 02, 2003
384 237
A word that you should look up on urban dictionary, before you say in front of your mum.
Boy: Ahh frigging hell, i just spilt the milk.

Mum: Don't say that, do you know what it means?

Boy: um no

Boy goes on urban dictionary
Boy: Shit
by Fred John June 16, 2008
170 107
adj. cursed, damned (Slang)

v. (Vulgar slang) masturbate
Hell, I hate this Frigging website!

Sue was frigging in the school yesterday!
by Rokstarr January 08, 2010
86 52
This is a term to describe when a male monkey is unable to produce sperm anymore. It occurs annually in the southern hemi-sphere in the lush rainforests. It is a spectacle that is rarely witnessed by humans.
Zoo-keeper: "aww damnit" Mr Monk Monk ain't frigging anymore, guess there ain't gonna be baby monkeys this year..."
by max quirk June 08, 2006
38 167
A word used by cowards who are too afraid to say "fucking"
dude #1: "that music frigging sucks"
dude #2: "frigging? come on you wimp. say FUCKING"
by whodey June 15, 2004
122 262