Someone who will help you move.
A friend will help you move, but only a really good friend will help you move a body (not original).
by undiesinabunch August 22, 2009
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1) someone who is always there nevere gives up on u wont let u down and leave u when u need them most
2)someone is prolly gunna take this off but i dont care i am and i think a true friend whenmy friend was down and hurt herself i was there to stop her when her bf hurt her and slapped her around i was the one to kick his ass when noone cared about her anymore because she was a trouble maker and didnt know how to get her self outta trouble i got her out now she is trying to make herself skinny and i am here noone else its me so unless u care for someonelike that ur not a friend ur a poser
never let ur fiends down
by steph April 02, 2005
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1. Someone who you enjoy spending time with.

2. A TV show on NBC that got a little repetitive.
I'm not going to type a long story about friends and list all of mine to the public.
by hydrogen November 03, 2005
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code word for condom, so parents, teachers, or anybody else doesn't know what your talking about. comes from the saying "friends are like condoms, they'll be there for you when things get hard".
boy: *whisper* omg i'm so horny..
girl: you got the friend?
by KillerKitty January 17, 2008
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The germs left on a beverage after someone takes a sip - anything left on the glass or can... Can be liquid or residue.

Also 'Friends' can refer to blemishes on the skin.
Yeah, you can have a sip but when your done take your friends with you!

Damn, it looks like I am getting some new friends on my chin.
by November May 15, 2005
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A friend is an angel sent from God to help your through your many strugels in life.
They are sholders to cry on.
They stay up late to talk about what ever is on your mind.
They will hide the fone under there pillows at night just in case something bad happens and you need to talk.
They will let you borrow anything if you have a date with a really cute guy.
They will forgive and forget.
They trust you just as much as you trust them.
by Jessie Lampkin June 08, 2005
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For a while Friends was actually a very funny show, with it's good characters and strange mishaps-but something happened.

It didn't have the strength any more to keep itself up. i dont know what did it, 9/11, the actors not getting along, but most of the time it was too sentimental and never really gave a good laugh, and tried to force us to laugh with its canned humour.
its the sad truth, but how realistic was it anyway? 6 friends who live together and get along, have loads of money, have great boyfriends and brilliant houses.
I mean Malcolm in the Middle is a funny show because you can relate to it. but im not going to get into that.
The show was nothing about New York-the friends were very isolated, never talking about anything outside their lives and the show really started to stink.

And it only ever had ethnics in it as the token guys.

Dont think i dont like friends-im a huge fan of friends! i just think that the way it ended could have been handled so much better.I know im not the only one to feel this way as nearly everyone i meet goes on about how much better friends used to be.

There's always hope! Matt le Blanc, who plays Joey, is doing his own comedy series called "Joey", which i think is already showing in the US.

At least he's making something of his career.He once starred in a film about a monkey that could play baseball.
It was shit.
Chandler."Could i be more (Insert)

Friends always go on about Chandler saying this, but i havent heard him say it once! when does he say it?
by Biafra J July 13, 2004
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