The plural form of the things you don't have.
Example A: A person that talks to trees.
Example B: That creepy dude that lives at the end of your street.
Example C: That ugly person you see when you look into the mirror.
Getto Example: "Ya ain't got no friends."
by Jack the Rippr April 17, 2011
A group of people you grow up with who have always been backstabbing jerks to each other.
Did you know Chloe talked shit about Alison to her boyfriend?" "It's okay, they're friends.
by Light Dark Blue February 06, 2011
people who are there to make you wet yourself at the strangest moments, preferably someplace awkward.
Me: *something funny*
You: *wets pants from laughing too hard*
Stranger: they must be best friends.
by yourninjamaster June 16, 2010
Someone who will always be there for you... when they need money
friend: hey friend!!
you: hey, i would have never expected you to talk to me. whats up?
friend: oh, can i borrow some money?
you: ...
by Faux-vie November 10, 2007
1. people who accept you for who and what you are. Unless something radical occurs they will stay at your side forever.

2. an NBC TV show that ran from 1994 to 2004. It had some good moments but by the last few seasons the six main actors were being paid a million dollars per episode to mostly just whine and say "Oh my God" at everything. The show had long jumped the shark by the series finale, which sucked big time.
1. I have lots of friends and I can call them at any time.

2. Sherry: Here is the 4th season of Friends on DVD.

Joyce: Oh my God!
by Starpunk November 28, 2006
Will only disappoint and let you down.
After you ask your friend for help, he makes some bs excuse not too, you shake your head, shrug your shoulders and mumble, "friends"........
by PVD1 June 26, 2006
"Friend" is usually used when a friend has nothing else to say to another friend in an awkward situation.
Friend 1: "Dude! Did you just eat my donut???"
Friend 2: "Friend!"

Friend 1: "Can I have some paper?"
Friend 2: "Sure."
Friend 1: "Friend!"
by antwon3 September 03, 2013

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