to shoot at your allies or own team. also see george bush and united states air force
brittish forces: requesting air attack 47‹36Œ54.21N, 117‹39Œ20.89W
US forces: i see them iraquis! *fire*
brittish forces: *dead* (from friendly fire!)
by georgeilingus August 31, 2007
When you have a serious case of diarrhea and you think you have finished. You go to wipe and another pocket of brown shoots you in the hand.
Hey Henry, why are spending so much time at the sink? Bill, I had a bad case of friendly fire.
by Chris Donnelly September 23, 2005
A sexual maneuvre wherein one performs felatio on a man, and then right before he reaches orgasm, turns the weapon on it's owner causing the felatio recipient to ejaculate on himself.
"Dude it was awesome but right when I was about to finish in her mouth, she pointed it at me! Yeah, I spunked on myself, Friendly Fire bro... she got me!"
by Chad Idaho November 30, 2011
When a person has too much food in their mouth and speaks so intensely that they spit it onto another person.
Dude, swallow your mashed potatoes before your friendly fire has me looking like Pizza the Hut.
by The Challenge May 15, 2009
During a sexual act, more then two people. Such as a threesome or an orgy. When one man or more is accidently hit with another man’s semen while they are attempting to ejaculate on someone else or pulling out. Protocol reaction for the person who was shot is to quickly wipe it off and not bring attention to it.
During an orgy my buddy accidently got hit with some friendly fire.
by Teddy076 February 13, 2009

A describing word used primarily by American armed forces during Operation Enduring Freedom.

This term was largely taken to mean that a friendly target (usually British) was engaged accidentally. However it has recently come to light that the Americans are so angry at Britain for unleashing Leona Lewis on them that they randomly fire on British units whenever 'Bleeding Love' comes on Iraqi Radio.
RADIO: "I keeeeeeeeeeeeeep bleedddddddin.."

HELICOPTER PILOT: "I'm going give those Brits some friendly fire."
by thegreatcollapso October 24, 2008
As American as apple pie and baseball, a term famous through out twentieth century wars, friendly fire, a term used to explain the gun-happy American Idiot, and for some reason, no solution has been found.
Yankee: Hey, Canuck, why haven't you Canadian cowards joined in on our war in Iraq.

Canuck: Well, probably because the only fatilities Canada suffered in Afghanistan were from American 'friendly fire', and we didn't find it too friendly that it was denied for the better part of a year, so fuck you George W Bush. Find yourself another bitch. You may want to try Mexico.
by James LeBlanc May 24, 2005
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