When your not looking down and you accidently piss on yourself.
Charles: *Urinating*
Charles' mom: Charles, your penut butter toast is ready!
Charles: *turns head towards bathroom door* Just a sec. Ah shit, I'm taking friendly fire!
by markah stewart October 22, 2005
when a close female friend (strictly friends) that have never done anything sexually, gives you head, or blows u off but there are no feelings attached before or after .. Just a nice friendly gesture
Fred and Gina are life time friends who never thought about each other sexually. But one night Fred is horny and Gina decides to please him by giving him some friendly fire !!
by Lambruskie August 04, 2009
To be able to hurt or attempt to hurt someone/thing without taking blame.
Geri: *Hit's Hanna*
Hanna: WTH?!
Geri: Friendly Fire! *Big smiles*
by RAWR---x August 24, 2007
A small campfire to roast weiners and marshmallows on a stick. Yummy!
Hey kids! Hows about some friendly fire?
by some old bastard November 28, 2003
during an act of masterbaition a man (accidentally) ejaculates on his own body. this usually happens when the man is lying down and is most severe when it hits the head area (the top one) and especially the lip
"ewwww, i jus cummed on my lip, thats the worst kind of 'FRIENDLY FIRE'"

by Ryan Maxwell May 27, 2008

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