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An after work drink with friends; no more than two or three drinks, preferably at happy hour prices.

Jon: Hey mate, wanna go out for a quick friendly today?
Joe: Sure. That should work swell seeing I have to be home by 6:30 for a family event.
by Mojave July 05, 2006
37 42
A restaurant with its headquarters in Wilbraham MA. Its the place to go after football games and when there is absolutly nothing to do.
Jon:What are we going to do tonight? There is nothing going on.

Bob: Well we're going to end up at Friendlys anyway, so we might as well go now.
by sdkguhrg March 06, 2006
45 13
Military slang short for friendly troops.
"We can't use an air-strike because there are too many friendlies in the area!"
by briles24 April 22, 2006
30 2
(pl. friendlies)
1. Used to indicate an object, usually sentient, that does not intend to harm the indicating party.

2. In gaming, a friendly can describe a helpful or harmless NPC.
1: Don't worry, my dog is a friendly.

2: Man 1: "Oh man, I'm really low on health."
Man 2: "Don't worry, there's a settlement around here somewhere. Bound to have a friendly or two."
by EcoEclipse July 12, 2009
42 31
the best place to work for people who love ridiculous customers, ridiculously amazing coworkers, ridiculously weird events such as olympics and bowlathons, and overall ridiculousness.
also, the best place to go when in need of ridiculously cheap food or chicken on sticks.
"I really wish there was someplace that sold chicken on little sticks of wood"
"Friendly's does that."
by Youbetweare February 14, 2007
20 10
Your friends and the friends of your friends, which, though you may not specifically know them or hang out with them, are okay with you by association.

If I am friends with A, and A is friends with B, then B is one of my "friendlies."

Antonym: rando
"Hey, I'm having a party tonight, so tell all the friendlies that they should head on over."
by dennyboy July 10, 2008
5 1
A nice way of saying slutty. Often followed by "if you know what I mean".
" I heard that girl is very.... friendly if you know what I mean.
by frenchie121212 October 27, 2013
4 2
To give a handjob but without kissing as to not bring in any emotion
Hey dude wanna do a friendly?

Yeah, why not
by Shaky Pop September 24, 2013
3 2