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When your friend lies to you but not to another person.
Eric: So the party is gonna be at 4:00 PM. You got it?
Wallace: Sure. I'll catch up later.
(Randy walks in)
Randy: So when is the party?
Eric: Oh. It's cancelled.
Randy: Oh. Ok.
(Randy leaves)
Wallace: friendcognito?
Eric: friendcognito.
by yocksent December 26, 2016
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A Friendcognito is pretending to be somebodys friend in order to conceal his true intentions.
My brother is dying to see his ex-girlfriend's new man. And since his buddy kinda knows the guy and was invited to his Superbowl party, he's determined to go friendcognito with him and scope the dude out.
scope out
by tecnax December 22, 2011
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