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In order to describe a person who "hops" around from friend to friend or clique to clique, and only acts as a friend when he/she is in need of a favor, or else he/she is never heard from.
Man that Erik is such a friend hopper, the only reason he was hanging out with me was so I would help him study for the exam.
by Thomas Jahn October 26, 2007
girl/guy who meets a person, starts dating them, then meets their friend and dates them. The cycle continues forever!!
Friend: "Damn Adriana, whose Cody, i thought you were dating Guillermo. "

Adriana: " Cody is Guillermo's friend"

Friend: " Your such a friend hopper."!!
by king salami 1 April 17, 2010
One who is not part of your group of friends, yet who dates many of your friends in sequence.
"I never really knew Mary, until she dated Zack, Ken, Roger, and Cody all within a year. Quite a friend hopper, eh?"
by FUGGYEW November 10, 2009
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