takes the place of the word fucking.... started by thefriction.com.. and all the friction girls and frictionheads!!
Sam is late to meet up with the guys.... upon arrival, Bill says... "its about Friction time!!"
by thefriction.com July 12, 2008
Friction: One who goes on power trips thinking they are cool. One that thinks they can take over something they did not create. Someone who wants brandonc1 to sit on they're lap. Someone who masterbates to George Bush. Someone who you can't tell them they are wrong. They are always right (so they think). Someone who thinks
I am Friction, I know whats best. I run straightline and i kicked pmi out of masterworks.(NOT) I tell the truth all the time. (He never tells the truth.)
by The dictator September 27, 2008
The shortening of "freak chin"
"Hey your boyfriend has a freak chin so we call him friction."
by Megan Eason August 25, 2008

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