Frickin A is a band that rocks. Their hit was "Merry frickin Christmas" but it is actually one of the worst songs they have ever written. The good ones are Just friends, Dump me, and Last summer.
Frickin A firckin rocks!
by Mushroombunny666 January 31, 2005
Top Definition
Just another way to express yourself like what the hell or oh my god.
"Frickin A he's being such an ass!"
by devay May 30, 2005
no real definition, say it when mad
"I stepped in dook....frickin' A!!"
by Buns McFarty April 28, 2005
A term used to describe how awesome something is.

Frickin = Really
A = Awesome
Amber, your shoes are Frickin A
#awesome #frickin #friggin #freaken #splendiferious
by Pinkylicious October 15, 2010
short for frickin awesome.
i am frickin a right now!
#i #love #angelacia #divonne #because #she's #the #shit
by Angelacia April 15, 2007
A polite, abbreviated version of the interjection "Fucking Ace." Calling something "ace" or "A" means it is the best, top or most extreme. Adding "fucking" lends emphasis. Can be used as an adjective.
"Frickin' A! I just beat my best score!"

or "These brownies are frickin' A!"
#fuck #ace #wow #friggin a #interjection
by brain eater April 24, 2010
a curse refering to the mammal known as an aardvark.

back in the day, people would go rabbit hunting and they would see stuff movin in the field and shoot it. But then upon inspection of their quarry, it'd just be an aardvark
and they'd be like, "fuckin aardvark."

the zoologist exclaimed, "its not an aas, its a frickin A!"
#freak #frick #fudge #bloody #bugger
An exclamation of pure joy and excitement.
I finally got that hot freshman's cell phone number! frickin' a!
#yes #score #heck yeah #woohoo #tight
by ThomasJ October 26, 2005
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