IT consultants use various acronyms to refer to technical and reporting requirements.
One of these is FRICE. This acronym stands for:

F = Forms
R = Reports
I = Interfaces
C = Conversions
E = Enhancements
by HCADMUS April 11, 2008
Top Definition
A combination of "fried" and "rice," a side dish popular at Chinese restaraunts
"I'd like a plate of orange chicken with a side of frice, please."
by zooey September 23, 2006
French Fries and Rice combination.
"You can have rice or french fries with your entree. Can I get some Frice?"
by Kingsfan February 25, 2009
a combination of frozen and ice. another word for sleet. Its when its not quite snowing or raining, the ice is in the process of freezing.
"Its cold, look at all the frice"
by Teala March 26, 2007
The conjoining of an fish , namely "LANChovies" with the skill of an asian (hence rice)
Did you see Frice get owned , yeah , but he will get them.
by anonymous June 21, 2006
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