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n. A concatenation of "free" and "resource".

An entity that bestows information, knowledge, and/or tutelage to the unaware or incapable. It can also provide services that may be complex and would otherwise be costly or encumbering to learn.

A fresource may take the form of a literal resource, such as an encyclopedia at a library, or it may be an online source such as wikipedia or online forum, or it may be a person with knowledge who is willing to complete the task.

If the fresource is a human, his actions may include but are not limited to the following:
-Fixing computer problems
-Finding citations for necessary data
-Fixing everyday problems
"Wikipedia is a vast fresource of information that might otherwise cost thousands of dollars in encyclopedias, books, or journals."

Person A: I just spent 400$ on my computer repair.
Person B: Wow, you shouldn't have done that; I wouldn't have charged you a dime!
Person A: I should really use my fresources more often.
by shiftyeyedgoat August 19, 2009
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