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The act of using Facebook under the guise of a false identity.

The purpose of the identity is to join networks otherwise unavailable to the perpetrator to glean information off of carefully chosen targets. The person may then send a friend request to his/her target in an attempt to fool the person into believing the person is somewhat trustworthy as the friend request comes from a network to which the target belongs.

A parent might sign up for Facebook as a member of his/her son or daughter's High school, with the intent of some of all of the following:
- to send her child's friends "friend requests" to watch their behavior or subtly coax them to talk about her child
- to watch her child's Facebook announcements and wall posts
- to monitor her child's comments on other's facebook pages
- to see pictures and other information
Son in HS: "Who is 'Tara Jordan'? I've never heard of her at school before..
*clicks to accept friend request oblivious to the fauxbook request coming from his mother*
Mother of child, posing as fictitious Tara Jordan: "Now I will scour my son's page and his friends' pages to see what he's doing whilst not under my supervision."

"I was fauxbooked by my mom and she saw all the college photos of me drinking instead of going to class."

"My fauxbook tricks every girl in the sorority to accept my friend request so I can see all of their information."
by Shiftyeyedgoat October 21, 2009
taint tipper. Also: taint-tipper, taint-tippers.

When one poops so long that the feces curls up the back side of the toilet. When pinched off, the poo cannot support its own hefty weight and thus isn't able to stand straight up. The poo will slowly tilt towards the person sitting on the toilet, and his dangling testes, resulting in some of his own enormous swaying poo brushing against his scrotum.
I let a taint tipper loose on my toilet this morning and I had to wipe off the underside of my balls afterward.
by shiftyeyedgoat March 16, 2010
n. A concatenation of "free" and "resource".

An entity that bestows information, knowledge, and/or tutelage to the unaware or incapable. It can also provide services that may be complex and would otherwise be costly or encumbering to learn.

A fresource may take the form of a literal resource, such as an encyclopedia at a library, or it may be an online source such as wikipedia or online forum, or it may be a person with knowledge who is willing to complete the task.

If the fresource is a human, his actions may include but are not limited to the following:
-Fixing computer problems
-Finding citations for necessary data
-Fixing everyday problems
"Wikipedia is a vast fresource of information that might otherwise cost thousands of dollars in encyclopedias, books, or journals."

Person A: I just spent 400$ on my computer repair.
Person B: Wow, you shouldn't have done that; I wouldn't have charged you a dime!
Person A: I should really use my fresources more often.
by shiftyeyedgoat August 19, 2009
To post a string of messages on a member's board of a social networking site. Can be in retort to another user's wall off, or can be one-sided.

First used primarily on the member wall on Facebook. Generally one user will post on another user's wall, or will be walled, followed by the second user posting on the original poster's wall in a repeated fashion until the messages from both parties have overtaken the board.
The following situation is an example of a wall off. Each user's board on their respective member pages are shown with later times listed at the top:

User A's Message Board:
User B (12:30AM): Lol what? What's the matter?
User B (12:10AM): The hell are you talking about?? People are STILL talking about that. Go you! Haha..
User B (12:03AM): Yeah! Over by the bar... who was that chick you were with?
User B (12:00AM): I saw you last night!

User B's Message Board:
User A (12:40AM): That turned out NOT to be a chick... Goddamnit... Tomorrow is going to suck.
User A (12:20AM): Oh dear God...
User A (12:08AM): Oh, that was nobody... Damn, nobody saw that, right?
User A (12:02AM): No you didn't..
by ShiftyEyedGoat January 11, 2008

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