Marijuana smokers' lingo, used to describe the green n' tasty first hit of a fresh-packed bowl. Can also be used to describe the first hit off of a joint.
"Since you're a special guest, Bob, you get FRESHIES! Taste this killa purple kush..."
by Phineas Freek December 07, 2006
anything pertaining to something new
Hey bro, my beer's out....grab me a freshy!
by Geddy Karrle May 20, 2008
islanders living in auckland new zealand also known as fobs
faah that fullas a freshy
by donli December 10, 2003
Slang term for the first fresh inhalation of marijuana
Hey dude... fill me a freshy!
by Hankstradamus January 08, 2009
Any refreshing non-alcoholic beverage that's NOT water.
Drew : "Got any freshy?"

Tom: "Hmm....there's Pellegrino...."

Drew: "I said freshy."

Tom: "My bad, let's hit 7-11"
by Jonny Greber December 08, 2010
Hot pair of new shoes.
"Dang girl, those are some Freshies!"
by Dustin Struthers February 05, 2008
The term Freshies can be applied in many different situations. I would agree first and foremost that it relates to fresh snow/powder, but it can also be used to describe something new, or a great looking chick (doesn't work for describing a guy).
A very versatile word. See below:
Used when snowboarding: "Check out the freshies on the freshies over there!" - this could mean: Check out the new clothes on the hot chicks over there (who happen to be boarding on the freshies) or it could mean: Check out the hot chicks boarding on the fresh powder over there.
by cammoboy March 11, 2004

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