Marijuana smokers' lingo, used to describe the green n' tasty first hit of a fresh-packed bowl. Can also be used to describe the first hit off of a joint.
"Since you're a special guest, Bob, you get FRESHIES! Taste this killa purple kush..."
by Phineas Freek December 07, 2006
A sort of slang term for a freshman in high school
Kid1: What grade are you in?
Kid2: I'm in ninth
Kid1: Oh, a freshy huh?
by yourecool055 June 19, 2009
anything pertaining to something new
Hey bro, my beer's out....grab me a freshy!
by Geddy Karrle May 20, 2008
Slang term for the first fresh inhalation of marijuana
Hey dude... fill me a freshy!
by Hankstradamus January 08, 2009
islanders living in auckland new zealand also known as fobs
faah that fullas a freshy
by donli December 10, 2003
Hot pair of new shoes.
"Dang girl, those are some Freshies!"
by Dustin Struthers February 05, 2008
Any refreshing non-alcoholic beverage that's NOT water.
Drew : "Got any freshy?"

Tom: "Hmm....there's Pellegrino...."

Drew: "I said freshy."

Tom: "My bad, let's hit 7-11"
by Jonny Greber December 08, 2010

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