Short for: Fakeprep

1. One who is unsuccessful in his or her attempt to portray a truly preppy image. Any person who is forcing the preppy look.

2. Any individual claiming to be a prep whose attire includes (but may not be limited to) popular malltrendy or collegetrendy brands such as: Abercrombie & Fitch, Ruehl, Hollister or American Eagle.

3. An individual who substitutes legitimate preppy clothes, closely related to the preppy/waspy lifestyle, for pseudo-prep knockoff brands such as those found in definition 2.

4. Of or relating to a state of "freppyness" by showing a complete lack of awareness that proper preppy dress includes a style which does not put emphasis on brands or logos but rather maintains a certain look; mainly conservative and valuing quality/durability, neatness, often colorfulness, cleanliness and understated excessiveness. Stores which do carry preppy clothes include but are not limited to: Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, L.L. Bean, Jcrew, Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren.
LOL! Look at that guy with "hollister" written across his shirt. What a frep.

those girls over there think they are preppy but sadly they are a bunch of freps.
by mocktwinkie May 12, 2009
Top Definition
(v.) The act of french kissing someone who has epilepsy and having your tongue bitten off.
Jonathan ended up in the hospital after unknowingly frepping Josephine.
by Flare Manhattan April 28, 2010
a fake prep. Someone who becomes a prep overnight(poser)
dude you wore old navy yesterday and now you are decked out in polo and jcrew. What a frep
by prepitourous maximus April 19, 2005
A fake prep. Someone who becomes a pep over night.
dude you wore old navy yesterday and today your decked out in jcrew and polo. What a frep
by prepitourous maximus April 19, 2005
some one who is a poser of two different steriotypes. usually half prep and half freak.
Harry: dude that guys has spikey black hair, mascara, black nails, nice polo shirt and abrocrombi jeans.

Lloyd:Ya, he must be a frep.
by andrew bornemann March 17, 2005
a womens front private area, a frep. also known as a vagina.
close your legs, your frep smells like fish.
by maltmaker March 10, 2009
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