A coffeehouse in Rockford, MI.
Unlike Epic, this is where all of the super-christians hang out.
Often there are bands playing religious music, but when there aren't, the owner feels compelled to play the local Christian Radio station.
If you and your friends discuss:
-Being a democrat
-Being homosexual
-Disliking the Bible

Be prepared to be eternally glared at.
I don't want to go to Frenz, the people there make me uncomfortable.

Did you hear that "I Love Jesus" music they were playing at Frenz?
by Caitlyn 49341 July 14, 2008
Top Definition
AOL Speak for "friends." rack this word up with all the other positively awful words commonly spotted on AOL homepages such as lolz.
"Yo I jus wanna give a shoutout to mah frenz elonzo, kentucky waterfall, and texas mudflap! lolz!"
by Andrew M. August 15, 2003
the worst name ever given to a man.
named after the most popular brand of condoms in the Philippines, the FRENZY condoms.
Frenz: dude i used a box of frenzy condoms last night.
me: oh shit.. that was big time.
by bojo salve November 22, 2007
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