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a redneck batchelor/batchelorette party with no cover charge
Man, let's go out to Widow's Peak tonight. They's havin' a freeze tag party for Billy Ray and Dixie - all you can eat and drink, too!
by dookeyboy November 14, 2010
54 23
A Quake 3 Arena Mod, made famous by Maverick's Server. made the mod public.
Hey HypA, Let's go to Mav's Freezetag Server to rail some nubs down!
by anonymous September 30, 2003
34 5
Form of tag in which when tagged by the player who is it, you must "freeze". You can become unfrozen when another player who is not it tags you. The player who is it wins when everyone is tagged.
"Let's play freeze tag, Johnny's it!"
by Becks Grevau March 27, 2007
20 3