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Freebies from the internet, or web (hence the w instead of b).
You can get freewies from many websites and companies, the big one being WalMart. Just go to a search engine and type in "free stuff" and voila, you got lots of stuff. But be careful, as some of them aren't totally free(i.e., be careful about surveys and freebies that take more than 3 minutes to get.)
Dude 1: "Where'd you get that t-shirt from man?"

Dude 2: "Oh, it one of the freewies I got online. I also got a pedometer, some grub, and a pen. Now I'm ready for the first day of school!"

Dude 1: "Sweet. Send me the links, yo."

Dude 2: "Aight, no prob."
by Adel7 September 09, 2007
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