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1. A moment in a political speech, debate, film, or the viewing of an image that espouses the philosophy of liberty in a particularly kick-ass way, so that it causes the recipient to experience any of the following: uncontrollable gleeful verbal outbursts, pumping fists, chills up and down back, warm fuzzy feelings, renewed vigor of political activism, bragging to other people around that they "just had a freegasm".

2. Intense emotional feeling comparable to a sexual orgasm, except it's not about sex, it's about liberty, so sometimes it's even better than getting your rocks off.
"Whenever I checked during one of the money bombs I had a small freegasm."

"When Ron Paul was schooling Mike Huckabee on foreign policy in that debate I had several freegasms in a row."

"Bill O'Reilly has never given anyone a freegasm. Ever."
by Rob Sieg September 11, 2008
When a cheap person you know gets something free and won't stop talking about it.
Mike: "I got this banana keeper for free, dude! FOR FREE!"
Terry: "Yeah, I heard you the first do-"
Mike: "FOR FREE MAN! He just GAVE it to me! A BANANA KEEPER!"
Terry: "Dude, you're making a mess with your freegasm. Chillax."
by kiloreas August 16, 2014
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