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(also "open game") : open for anyone to take or use; unclaimed, up for grabs.

Originally used in the sense of "game" as animals to be hunted.
Roadside blackberries are free game for anyone to eat.
by tangles10 August 01, 2010
When you have plans to go out but crash a party first in order to pregame
Xavier: Yeah, dude, I'll be at your party later, I'm just gonna freegame at this Indian wedding first.
Shashi: That sounds pretty good, I'm gonna come through with you.
by exaviyur December 16, 2010
The one and only IRC channel that will never live up to it's name. Founded by a hobbit named Eno_ from a far away land with faeries.
1. Why is it called #Free-Games if nobody ever serves any games?
2. Isn't that queer |PuNk| in #Free-Games?
by ! June 27, 2003
Also known as #Free-Games, the IRC channel. The final bastion of sanity, formally from DALnet. Upon entering, the faint smell of sex intrudes your senses, giving you a strange feeling of vulnerability. Located on it features the resident black man Eclipsed, our god Odin79, the evil flying monkey god akusarujin, Eno_ the all knowing vietnamese prostitute, and |PuNk|, the channels bitch. Masturbation is a known pastime for the #free-game's idlers.
"God, I need a good ass-raping. I know! Lets go to #free-games! YAY!!"
<BakedGoods> I hear Eno_'s giving out handjobs in #free-games tonight!
<Odin79> Nope, its |PuNk|'s turn this time.
by BakedGoods February 06, 2003
IT/electronics - Said of an appliance or software that behaves in sudden and unpredictable ways.
Joe spilled coffee on his computer last week. It's been doing freegames ever since.
by Shurikane January 12, 2011
No cost social exchange or entertainment. An opportunity to mix things up.
I'd rather go back to high school than get my GED, because it's free game.
by cvthom September 04, 2008
The act of a pregame, except this time the alcohol is free. Usually takes place during college, where you can easily slip in to some house party nearby before going out. Your only connection is typically some distant acquaintance. Therefore, you aren't close enough friends to actually feel obligated to chip in for the alcohol, but you're close enough where they won't kick you out before you get a chance to take a few shots.
Steve: Hey, did you hear about Pooter's 21st birthday party downstairs?
John: Oh yeah, wasn't she the ex-girlfriend of your freshman roommate's biology lab partner?
Steve: Who cares, we get to freegame.
by AJBaninza August 05, 2006
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