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Education where you get jewwed.

Also see school.
"I got to go to high school and get an edjewcation."
"Screw edjewcation, lets goto jewmaica!"
by BakedGoods February 10, 2003
Also known as #Free-Games, the IRC channel. The final bastion of sanity, formally from DALnet. Upon entering, the faint smell of sex intrudes your senses, giving you a strange feeling of vulnerability. Located on odinnet.serveirc.com it features the resident black man Eclipsed, our god Odin79, the evil flying monkey god akusarujin, Eno_ the all knowing vietnamese prostitute, and |PuNk|, the channels bitch. Masturbation is a known pastime for the #free-game's idlers.
"God, I need a good ass-raping. I know! Lets go to #free-games! YAY!!"
<BakedGoods> I hear Eno_'s giving out handjobs in #free-games tonight!
<Odin79> Nope, its |PuNk|'s turn this time.
by BakedGoods February 06, 2003
Indian slang for a really skinny person.
"That kid's a shtick."
by BakedGoods February 10, 2003
Gay Indian pow-wow dance. Involves animal rape and drunken squaws.
"Eh! Cheif FlowingWater, lets goto da Potlatch!"
by BakedGoods February 11, 2003
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