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A Fredis is a man/woman who likes to party hard. He/she is the life of the party even though they would not remember it. A fredis is short, hilarious, and extremely sarcastic at ALL times. Annoying as it sounds their personality is what it is. But dont let them around your stereo/ipod, for if they enter a room/party that doesn't play their music, it will suddenly be ripped out of the aux cord and be soon be plugged into their IPOD. A Fredis is an "Ipod WHORE" . A fredis points out his girl for the night at the beggining of a party, and WILL accomplish that goal for the night.
guy 1: (music stops) Dude what happened to my music?
Guy 2: Idk that guy pulled it out and he put his ipod in.
Guy 1: aw man i got fredised.
by Yahbudddyyy22 October 03, 2011
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