A petname often given to a boyfriend who has many freckles
Jenn: Freckles where are you?

Travis: Here I am hun.

Jenn: Love me some Freckles
by Wmlovins May 03, 2010
An S.A.S. game, played thusly:
Two or more people in a pub, one shits on a table between two beer mats and smacks them together. The "player" with the least amount of shit on him wins the game, thus having a round of drinks bought for him.
Don't ask me, I got this out of a comic book.
"Who wants to play freckle?"
"Not me, you sick fuck"
by BrodieNoochie Campbell March 26, 2008
The mole's imbred cousin.
Rednecks and freckles.. go together like ice cream and sprinkles.
by zmc25 May 12, 2011
a synonym for "fuck" that is derived from a MAD TV skit and is utilized, not to mention celebrated, by Norwegian Surf Gods the world over.
"James is freckles awesome."
"What the Freckles?! I just lost a game of pool to a girl!"

WARNING: using this word to refer to sexual intimacy, such as "I want to freckles you," may cause an extremely adverse reaction from the potentially "freckled." HANDLE WITH CARE.
by lilajane June 25, 2009
1. A game that can be played with up to 6 people (4 recommended). Basically some sick fuck takes a dump on the centre of a table. A book or large flat object is placed on top of the dump. The 4 players put their chins on the table and 1 other player takes a boot or some other hard object and slams it on top of the book. The shit will spray over the faces of the players and the player with the least amount of 'freckles', wins.
Woah, did you play Freckles last night?
by Evilragdoll666 October 05, 2007
A horrible skin disease resulting from a combination of bad weather, bad genes, and an inexplicable willingness to actually want to eat the dreadful hamburgers served at the local Golf and Country Club.
Freckles negatively affect not only a person's skin, but also their brain. As a result, a large percentage of people with freckles are, whiny, intellectually challenged, and have difficulty mastering even the most basic life skills, such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.
Most retarded people have freckles.
As soon as I found out that the girl I was dating online had freckles, I broke up with her immediately.
by Boogiepop July 03, 2006
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