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Dr. Evil's insult of Goldmembers' accent
Goldmember: fascha...Austin Power's fascha
Dr. Evil: fascha? ok sorry, I don't speak freaky-deaky Dutch
Goldmember: his dad
Dr. Evil: ohhh faTHER...FA-THER
by kahda July 20, 2004
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The speaking of English with a dutch accent. Results in the use of 'fazher' for 'father', 'toight' for 'tight', and 'toiger' for 'tiger'.
"I'm sorry - I don't speak freaky deaky dutch" - Dr. Evil, 'Goldmember'
by dan September 15, 2003
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Someone who speaks in a heavy Dutch accent, much like Goldmember from Austin Powers. Switching "th" with "zh" and not saying an "r" at the end of some some words. "Father" would be "Fazha"FAW-shaw.

Another example, "Yes" would be "Yesh." Adding more emphasis to the "s". Another Example, the word "Tight" would be "Toit" TOY-T. Showing that your "aczhent" is heavy.
Welcome to Neuntine Zheventy Five, Austin Powers and Fazha. What? I don't speak Freaky-Deaky-Dutch.
by Starrk-kun December 30, 2010
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