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To be in a heightened state of sexual arousal and performing strange, extreme, or unusual sexual acts.
"You hear the bass? Right? It kicks. It turns. It curls up your belly. Makes you wanna freaky deaky"

Buck Swopes in Boogie Nights
by Maui Dude January 15, 2004
Beyond freaky.
The "Big Dog" robot with four legs that carries supplies like a mule is freaky deaky.
by notmyrealnameeither August 24, 2009
Someone who is excited by the act of performing extreme sexual acts, see: s&m
Carla and I got freaky deaky last night with whips and leather.
by Karl Revey March 10, 2003
likes to get down and dirty
sherry wang is the quintessential example of freaky-deaky-ness
by Eric HUH May 10, 2005
When someone does something weird or unexpected that is either slightly cruel or kinda cool but still weird. Can also be said if you want to say something that rolls off the tongue.
Person 1: Hey howd you do on that pop quiz?
Person 2: Man, terrible. That was kinda freaky deaky dontcha think?
Person 1: Yeah, it definitely was.

Person 1: Do you see that face she made? That was weird.
Person 2: Haha I thought it was freaky deaky personally.
by pyzaist November 28, 2011
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