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Use in Jennifer's body. It's obviously a combination of freak and retarded. So, it's simplified definition is FREAKINGLY RETARDED
Devil's Kettle gets two nightmares in 24 hours? It's freaktarded. It's not right.
by bbvocz September 24, 2010

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A freaky retarded situation.
There's a cannibal that moved in next door, it's freaktarded.

"What happened to Jenny?"
"I don't know it's freaktarded."
by Caracreatesawesomewords February 01, 2010
is a way to describe something mind blowing and/or boggling, insanium in the cranium, etc.
Actually no,it is a way to describe someone or something that is a cross between a freak and a retard.
Courtney Brossel is freaktarded.

Merry Christmas.
by mischief_managed31 December 21, 2010