Someone who is a freak to the max. They have the tendency to act really odd and they tend to have hardly any friends.
"That guy over there is a wierdo, and i mean, a full on freakazoid..."
by ecilamudman October 19, 2009
Top Definition
a cartoon character on cartoon network
his most known saying is "poo gas"
by Lucifer October 03, 2003
a person, animal, or thing with outstanding, extreme, or unusual characteristics/skills
Michael was a basketball freakazoid who played his way to the top of the NBA.

Her convertible sports car was the freakazoid of the neighborhood.

The Smiths' freakazoid dalmation won its fifth straight dog show contest.
by Dr. Kevin L. Burke July 28, 2003
a different term for the word freak. someone/something who/that is not completely normal.
term stronger then FREAK
Emma Lovehandlesfosterbakugan Boyd is a huge FREAKAZOID
by RORONOODLES August 09, 2009
Believed to be the lamest word ever. King George the III actually had the word banned. Those who chose to say it resulted in exile!
Jester: Freakazoid
King George the III: Dude get out
by Frat Ky October 21, 2014
A person that you wish you could be with, that is perfect, that you love, that is a freak and makes you a freak in the sense that you wanna do things with them. They make you crazy. You think of them in a way that is out of character for you, making you a freak! But you cant help it or get them out of your head, no matter how hard u try!
"Your such a freakazoid!"
"I love and hate you freakazoid!
" Your a pig freakazoid"
by Sweet Ts! November 19, 2013
someone who is totally annoying
boy:im a robot donkey i love eating robetic french fries

girl:you are one of the biggest freakazoids
by agatha 90 May 20, 2009
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