someone who freaks on a regular basis.
"Last night Chad freaked. He's such a freakazoid."
#freakin' #freak #freaked #freaking out #crazy bitch
by chadrulezz May 20, 2007
A word you say when you are so pissed off at something or someone, instead of a curse word, that no matter how upset you are, you and the person you say it to have to immediately hug and hold each other and you have to try to be understanding with that person, no matter how bad the situation.
I said, "Geez, why do I have to do everything around here -you know the trash cans aren't going to bring themselves back by themselves!" and my husband replied "Freakazoid," so no matter how mad I was, I hugged him and then we laughed until we cried instead of getting mad at each other.
#love #hug #angry #upset #make up #get back together #don't fight
by Claudia Lucio February 15, 2006
Any girl that can successfully handle more than average different sexual partners in a day.
Freakazoid on line one thinks she can take the entire office on for size. Should we handle it?
by Sun Rhythms October 14, 2004
an abnormal person, like eric
by matt April 24, 2003
a guy in indiana named jesse
that guy is just like jesse
by Dexter douglas May 04, 2005
a person who freaks his dad everynight and who eats his mom
ha ha ha ha u suck dude
by ha ha ha May 18, 2004
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