fat nigger bitch ass
Yo some frazz was sitting on the curb the other day and i laughed at her.
by David mcFluff August 28, 2009
Top Definition
ubiquitously amazing and/or awesome
jessica is frazz

that sketch head is NOT frazz
by Jesssicaaaa February 07, 2007
1. Having sex.
2. Getting some pussy or ass.
3. Free ass
Man I'm about to go get some hot frazz!
by Genocide4 April 24, 2009
a combination of frozen and raspberry. A quick and affective way to order a frozen raspberry during rushed meetings with McDonalds.
Hi, could I please have a frazz?
by topcat1000 October 16, 2010
Super Boss Rock Band from Seattle Washington.
Very popular in the Seattle club/party scene in the 1980's

Marty" The Frazz" Frasu recently released a new song "Dance With Me" you can download it for free here from iTunes.
They wont let links be inserted. Go to iTunes and search for The Frazz it's a free podcast/song

It's dirty 3 chord rock.

The perfect antidote for over-produced kiddie music.
I love the new song by THe Frazz "Dance With Me"
by Plucko August 12, 2009
someone who has a foot fetish
He always compliments my feet... I think he might be a frazz.
by racheldk1 April 16, 2010
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