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slang for "free", referring to someone who is easily beaten at something, usually pertaining to a fighting game, such as Street Fighter or Marvel vs. Capcom. Frequently used at fighting game competitions such as Wednesday Night Fights, or larger tournaments such as Evolution.
Interviewer: So explain what happened in your last match.

Winner: My opponent played a well thought out methodical match and I was lucky to beat him. WHO AM I KIDDING. THAT GUY WAS FREE... FRAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
by FreetosLay August 20, 2011
Owner of a large quantity of salt, reaching a higher level of saltiness than someone who is just merely "salty."
Observer1: Yo, that kid just got straight up owned for free.
Observer2: Yea man, he's mad salty.
Observer1: Salt mines owner for sure.
by FreetosLay August 20, 2011
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