A very smart person, who gets girls easy, very attractive, and good at most every thing
Franklin is so hot
by Hdhdhdhdhhdhehdh June 26, 2016
Franklins are one part cocaine one part Molly and one part adderall mixed into one jumbo "party pack" style line
Kendra kept begging lee to chop out franklins for everyone before the concert. So he did and they all lived happily ever after
by Leeharveyoswald January 08, 2015
Doing a Franklin is when you don't pay a bet you've lost and make an excuse for not paying
Come on you've lost the bet stop trying to Franklin out of it.
by Vbeefcake July 13, 2011
A person who is very selfish and self centered only cares for them selves. A cheap person. A person that could be like your college room mate and always mooching off you. They would sneak down in the middle of the night and tap into your food in your fridge, use your gas in your car, hit on your girlfriend or wife when your not around. They would put locks on their room, their frig, their stuff as to not allow access cause they intend to take, tap, mooch off you.
Hey Tully your such a Franklin i know you keep tapping my milk in my fridge.
by Gillyman88 September 09, 2013
A style of writing inspired by Benjamin Franklin where you write down facts stated in an article and then without looking at the article use the facts to create your own article. This can also be done with stories by writing down some of the events and rewriting the rest of the story keeping the events in order.
I had nothing to do last year so I franklined The Rise and Decline of the Roman Empire.
by ginnygal November 29, 2005
the hand in texas hold'em consisting of a ten and an eight.
Dan: I have a franklin straight, bitches, 7 to jack!
Kappy: You didn't raise before the flop, where are your chips?
Dan: I played it right.
by deleiris August 04, 2005
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