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Having Franklin the Dog's shit smeared all over your windshield.
You've just been Franklined Bitch!

Yeah we Franklined Steven the other night.
by E. Corrao June 20, 2008
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"Franklined" is having one of your friends' try to hit on any female friend, ex girl friend, or sister of the people in your social group, even though he already has a grilfriend. This is normally done via text msg, myspace, facebook. It is usually done behind the back of the friends and normally results in rejection, but your friend will try and tell you hes in.
Mark: Hey Josh, you and that chick are getting pretty close now?
Josh: Yeah but Tom fucking franklined me, he found out that chicks myspace and now constantly tries to get with her even after she deleted and blocked him. He never meets women of his own.
Mark: No shit!? My ex just msged me and said he was doing the same thing to her, fucking franklined!

Tom (facebook wall): Hey gorgeous, i saw you last night in the club im friends with that guy you met and saw your facebook. So wanna hook up or what? Give me your number, better yet, come to movies this weekend.
Joshes sister: Oi fuck off im not interested.
by Josh Tanner May 11, 2009
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